Our mission is to help to rebuild the lives of asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants. We are a Christian charity and believe that we should ‘welcome the stranger’ and works to help refugees and migrants from all faiths and backgrounds to rebuild their lives in the UK. From providing English lessons to assisting in immigration cases, ICN strives to replace difficulty with dignity.

Our values:

  • We demonstrate our love for the stranger and our willingness to go the extra mile; love is our main motivation
  • We represent all the people in this area who want to welcome refugees and asylum seekers; we offer friendship to people coming to a strange place
  • We treat people with dignity and respect, empowering them towards independence and rebuilding their lives; people know they are not being talked down to; we are walking alongside them and facilitating their voice to be heard – not being their voice
  • We promote people’s ability to thrive – not simply survive
  • We take a holistic view of people and their needs, working with the whole person; we are willing to address both physical and mental health needs
  • We work with equality, integrity, honesty, transparency, authenticity, acceptance and hopefulness, passing no judgement and acting with compassion towards all
  • We show respect for others’ culture, life experience and the value they bring and seek to enhance that
  • We act with integrity with all our stakeholders (staff, volunteers, trustees, beneficiaries and external stakeholders)
  • Our values matter to us – we stand by them
Our team

Our team of experienced staff and volunteers work tirelessly to help and advise refugees


Our trustees

Our trustees make sure that we deliver everything that we promise to the best of our ability


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