Laws and regulations around immigration can be confusing, which is why ICN has been registered to give immigration advice since 2004. Refugees lives tend not to fit into normal categories and each of our client’s experiences is complex and different.

We assist people with:

  • Applications to enter the UK
  • Visa extensions
  • Travel Documents
  • Applications for British citizenship

We don’t work on asylum claims as they require specialist assistance and legal aid, but we can refer asylum claimants to organisations that we trust.

Similarly, we don’t represent applications for working or student visas (the points-based system) but can signpost clients to others who do this work.

If you would like some immigration advice, call our office on 01202 589395.

We are regulated by The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) for this work.

Women and families programme

Leaving your friends and family behind can lead to isolation. We’ve created opportunities for women and children to improve their literacy and build a network of friends.


Separated children seeking asylum

How old were you when you travelled to school on your own? ICN provides safety and support to children seeking asylum alone.


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