How can you begin to rebuild your life if you can’t communicate with your neighbours?

Being able to speak English helps refugees and asylum seekers integrate into our community. From accessing work to building relationships with their neighbours, ESOL learning (English for Speakers of Other Languages) helps overcome isolation and enables migrants to begin to improve their lives.

ICN runs ESOL courses from Pre-entry level to Level 1.                                                                   

The levels are:

  • Entry 1 =  Beginner
  • Entry 2 = Elementary
  • Entry 3 = Pre-intermediate
  • Level 1  = Intermediate

Each course has two 2.5 hour lessons per week.

Morning classes are from 9.30 a.m. to 12.00 noon

Afternoon classes are from 1.00 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.

There is a small charge for lessons, but asylum seekers not receiving benefits or financial support can learn for free

How to enrol

Come to ICN on Wednesdays between 11.15 a.m. – 12.00 noon for an assessment and class enrolment.

2019 - 2020

ESOL Classes - Term Dates

  • Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, all ESOL classes have been suspended until Autumn 2020

Refugees arrive seeking stability in their lives. ICN gives immigration advice and support through our registered service.


Women and families programme

Leaving your friends and family behind can lead to isolation. We’ve created opportunities for women and children to improve their literacy and build a network of friends.


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