Life in a new country can be difficult and confusing, and many find that they struggle to get the help and guidance that they need. Language barriers and official documents create barriers to finding safety in the UK and many people fleeing persecution and violence can find themselves homeless or living in poverty. That’s why ICN has been advising and supporting refugees and asylum seekers within our community since 2004.

We offer practical support and advice on a range of issues including:

  • Finding accommodation
  • Applying for jobs
  • Welfare support
  • Education
  • Health and family issues
  • Help to sort out financial issues and debt

If we can’t help, we will refer to other agencies who can, including Citizen’s Advice, Shelter and The Red Cross.

If you think you might need our help, call 01202 589395 or pop into our office. Once we have your enquiry one of our advisers will call you to assist or to arrange an appointment.

English ESOL

How can you support yourself and your family if you don’t speak the language? We break down barriers by offering newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers English lessons.



Refugees arrive seeking stability in their lives. ICN gives immigration advice and support through our registered service.


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