Building a home is important for all of us and since 2016 ICN has been contracted by Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole Councils to resettle Syrian refugee families arriving in the UK through the Government’s Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (SVPRS). This scheme officially came to an end in 2021, with the Home Office transferring to a broader programme named the UK Resettlement Scheme. Bournemouth and Poole Council announced their commitment to the UKRS, and ICN will continue our contracted work under this new scheme. We have also been contracted to support those arriving under the Afghan Resettlement Schemes (ACRS and ARAP).

We work closely with local authorities and volunteers to support families to find their feet, build healthy relationships, and successfully integrate into our community. ICN liaises with local stakeholders and statutory providers, ensuring that every family can build a future in Dorset.

A Call for Help

At the moment there is, quite literally, a desperate need for homes suitable for Afghan families who were evacuated by the British government in 2021 when the Taliban seized power. Therefore, although we have the capacity to support more families, the nature of the housing market in this area means that, fundamentally, a lack of affordable housing is the only barrier to them arriving here and being able to re-settle with their families.

We are always looking to make connections with more landlords in the local area who would be willing to consider renting their property to a refugee family at a compassionate rate (i.e. close to or equal to local housing allowance). We have worked with landlords for many years and are proud of the support we are able to offer both families and landlords. To find out more, do watch the videos below!

We have some glowing testimonials from landlords we are currently working with, describing what it is like meeting the family themselves, but also working alongside ICN as we provide the wraparound family support and facilitate any communication necessary with landlords.

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Please contact our office on 01202 589395 to get in touch with the Resettlement Manager

Advice & Support

Filling in forms can be complicated if you aren’t an expert or don’t speak English fluently. ICN provides practical advice and support to refugees and asylum seekers within our community.


English ESOL

How can you support yourself and your family if you don’t speak the language? We break down barriers by offering newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers English lessons.


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