We are excited to announce that we are launching our second ever JustGiving Campaign! Looking ahead, ICN plans to take a more holistic view of people and their needs, and we aim to address both physical and mental health needs.
Your donations will go towards the services of a mental health professional who can help them. We’re aiming to raise £15,000 by July 31st 2022. Any amount you can donate – big or small, will be so very appreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If you had to flee your home with nothing, you would hope that someone would welcome you and support you in rebuilding your life somewhere else. That’s what ICN does.


Our Christian charity believes that we should “welcome the stranger” and works to help refugees and migrants from all faiths and backgrounds to rebuild their lives in the UK. From providing English lessons to assisting in immigration cases, ICN strives to replace difficulty with dignity.





91 refugee and migrant families supported with weekly English classes, creches and homework clubs


178 immigration cases closed in 2019 with a 96% success rate for our clients


5 English (ESOL) courses providing 50 students with weekly lessons

How we help

ICN helps individuals and families who have left everything behind to find a safe place to live. ICN enables refugees and asylum seekers to integrate and settle in the UK by providing them with the skills, support and advice they need when they are confused and vulnerable.

Advice & Support

Filling in forms can be complicated if you aren’t an expert or don’t speak English fluently. ICN provides practical advice and support to refugees and asylum seekers within our community.


English ESOL

How can you support yourself and your family if you don’t speak the language? We break down barriers by offering newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers English lessons.



Refugees arrive seeking stability in their lives. ICN gives immigration advice and support through our registered service.


Women and families programme

Leaving your friends and family behind can lead to isolation. We’ve created opportunities for women and children to improve their literacy and build a network of friends.


Separated children seeking asylum

How old were you when you travelled to school on your own? ICN provides safety and support to children seeking asylum alone.


Resettlement & integration

Having a home and a safe place to call your own is important. We have enabled hundreds of families and individuals to rebuild their lives in Dorset.


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How you can help

You can make a positive impact on the lives of refugees too. Whether you make regular donations, volunteer, rent them a home or give a young person a roof over their head, every action makes a difference.

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