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In 2012 ICN commissioned an independent external evaluation of its supported accommodation project for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children. One senior stakeholder commented to the evaluators:

"The care ICN gives seems fantastic - I was really impressed by what they are doing. It’s a different world from those 16 to 18 year olds living in their own or in foster care"

Other senior stakeholders stated:

"The model is strongly beneficial for the boys’ well-being and confidence. I have seen several of them blossom, I can see their language ability and confidence progressing faster and to a greater degree than amongst other UASC"

"If it was not for this sort of project these individuals would get caught up in the black market"

In their own words, the young service users provided the following feedback to the independent evaluation:

"I feel very safe in the project and it has helped me enormously"

"I am very happy with my life at the moment – I have security, my problems are solved & I am getting help"



In 2013 we commissioned a semi-independent questionnaire and interview based evaluation of our work with refugees. A selection of stand-out comments from the 44 randomly selected service user interviewees follows:

"The way ICN help people is very effective, they have helped me to turn my life around"

"Thank you ICN for all the help and advice.  I know I can trust you"

"One of the most-friendly places I have been.  Everyone is friendly, helpful and supportive"

"If I ever need any help they are very willing to assist.  Whatever I need from them they will help"



In 2014 we commissioned a semi-independent questionnaire and in-depth interview based evaluation of our work with refugees. A selection of stand-out comments from the randomly selected 33 service user interviewees follows:

"Simply because you have more support, you feel less isolated"

"My support worker has helped me with everything"

"I tried my best to help myself, but ICN helped me with an application I could not do myself"

"I have received better direction – ICN know what they are doing and on your own it’s much more unknown"

"I attended ICN ESOL classes. Now I am working – when they (work colleagues) talk to me I understand. I can speak to the manager"

"Without ICN I could not communicate with the Home Office"

"Sometimes I have really needed a friend and it is only my support worker who contacts me"

"When I first arrived ICN helped me to make friends"

"For 18 months I had the most horrible period of my life – at the end of this I slept outside for a week before ICN helped me with accommodation"